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Choosing a Czechoslovakian Vlciak...

Welcome to the fascinating world of CsV. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet this rare breed, take advantage because there are only approximately 250 dogs register with the American Kennel Club. The Czechoslovkian Vlciak Club of America was approved as the AKC National Breed Club in 2023. The breed will move to Miscellaneous Status in June 2024.


So, you want a Czechoslovakian Vlciak?

Then, you have already heard all the marvelous and cool things about the breed. This rare breed comes with its beauty but also its challenges. We think you should be told about those challenges as this breed does not make the ideal pet for everyone attracted to them...


While capable of solid affection for his family, the Vlciak can be overly cautious with strangers.

The Vlciak can experience strong, separation anxiety and need quality time with its pack... Meaning You! They are not dogs you can put in your backyard and only see him occasionally. 


The Vlciak, with a high intelligence level, are excellent problem solvers. If you are discouraged by an escape artist or your dog standing on top of your kitchen counters... This may not be the breed for you.


Due to their intelligence, Vlciak can be difficult to train. Training has to be fun and something they desire to do. If you want a HIGH drive, EASY to train dog... Don’t get a Vlciak.


At least once a year the Vlciak blow his coats. If you like fur all over the house and consider it the other food condiment, then fine. If, however, you value neatness at all times, this may not be the breed you.


Of all the challenges to be found in the Vlciak, the most dangerous to the pet owner is their tremendous flee instinct. Many owners have lost their beloved Vlciak due to them running off. Most of the time, something startles them, which causes their instinct to flee to take over. Unfortunately, this instinct is still strong in the breed and takes a lot of training to overcome. We don’t want to see any Vlciak separated from the loving environment of its pack. This is something all owners must be aware of....


If you have read this far, honestly feel that you qualify on all counts, and are still determined to own a Vlciak, then we take great pleasure in welcoming you to the pack. Join the rest of us in the satisfaction of knowing that we own the most stunning, the cleverest and the most unique dog in the world... The CZECHOSLOVAKIAN VLCIAK!



No doubt about it, the BEST way to find a well-bred Czechoslovakian Vlciak is through a responsible breeder. A good breeder takes his dogs very seriously and will only place or sell puppies to homes that he/she feels will be good ones.

Working with a responsible breeder means that you will be able to consult with them about veterinary care, health issues, diet, etc. And, if there are problems, the breeder will want to work with you in helping to solve them.

If the breeder does not have any puppies ready for placement, they may be able to refer you to a fellow breeder who does. And, contrary to public opinion, puppies purchased from breeders are often less expensive than those from pet shops.


The Czechoslovakian Vlciak Club of America, the National Breed Club for Czechoslovakian Vlciaks, offers a breeder referral list below. These are breeders who are members in good standing of the CSVCA, AKC and abide to the CSVCA Code of Ethics.

Owning a Czechoslovakian Vlciak can be very exciting and rewarding, but making the decision to do so is also life changing. Before “taking the plunge,” speak with as many CSV owners and breeders as possible – at dog shows or through contacts made via the American Kennel Club and CSVCA websites. People “in the breed” are often happy to share their knowledge about their dogs.

You may come to believe that a CSV would be the “perfect” addition to your life – or you may realize that it would not. Sharing your life with a CSV – or any dog – means a total commitment to loving, caring for, training, disciplining, and protecting a living creature who depends on YOU. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

DireWolf Pack
Lakeland, Florida
Guardian of the Carpathian
Plattsmouth, NE
Mikai's Pack
Ann Arbor, MI
Native Canines
Lansing, MI

The alphabetically listed breeders are members in good standing of the Czechoslovakian Vlciak Club of America and abide by the Code of Ethics. The CSVCA does not endorse, guarantee, or promote any particular website, breeder, kennel, or individual. These links are included for informational purposes. 

It is advisable that you visit the breeder before purchasing a puppy; this allows you to see how the puppy interacts with littermates and his mother, to see the conditions under which the puppy has been raised, and to see health certifications on the parents of the puppy. You should be prepared for the breeder to provide a contract that will state your responsibilities as well as those of the breeder. Typically, a contract will discuss any guarantees provided and spay-neuter requirements, if any. You should also discuss with the breeder how to care for and feed your puppy when you take him home.

Grow Your Vision

With a limited number of dogs and bitches in the United States approved for breeding, this is a resource to our members to help promote and encourage genetic diversity. The Vlciaks on the following pages are owned by members who want to work with other in the USA to help develop the breed. These Vlciak listed have all required health screenings and the Owners have signed the Code of Ethics.  The CSVCA does not promote one Vlciak over another. Please do your research, study the lines and confirm the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) is low.

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