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Understanding Health Clearances

Health Clearances for the Czechoslovakian Vlciak

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) "created the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) by partnering with participating parent clubs to research and maintain information on the health issues prevalent in specific breeds."

Dog's which are issued a CHIC number have completed their health clearance recommended by the CSVCA. Some health clearances are required to be done annually, so that is something you would want to verify as new CHIC numbers will not be issued. The tests CSVCA recommends before breeding:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - debilitating disease that is caused by a degeneration of the spinal cord. (Required)

Pituitary Dwarfism (DW) - a rare, inherited disorder of growth hormone deficiency in the dog. Dwarfism may have more severe problems associated with the disease, including spinal problems such as spina bifida, spinal deviations, hemivertebrae, brachycephalic syndrome, angular/rotational limb deformities and intervertebral disc disease, among others. (Required)


DNA Repository - Participation in the OFA/CHIC DNA Repository (DNA Bank) which facilitate future research and testing aimed at reducing the incidence of inherited disease in dogs. (Required)

Dentition - Veterinarian Dental Exam.  Full dentition is preferred but the absence of two PM1 (premolar 1) or of both M3 (molar 3) is not to be penalized. (Required)

Hip Dysplasia – OFA Certification – At 2 years of age, a hip x-ray can be done at a vet’s office and sent into OFA for grading and certification. (Required)

Elbow Dysplasia - OFA Certification - a elbow x-ray completed at a vet's office and sent into OFA for grading and certification. (Required)

Cardiac Evaluation - One of the following:
Basic Cardiac Exam (Required annually) or 
Advanced Cardiac Exam

Eyes – CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry) or CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) This is an eye exam done by a member of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) annually. (Optional but recommended)

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